Sunday, November 05, 2006

Quick Saddam observation

Yes, we have convicted Saddam. Well done all.

In the interest of bringing civilization to the Wild East, we agree to allow them to execute him by hanging; a practice disbanded by the UK over 40 years ago for its brutality. Of course the US still has the death sentence. What kind of signal does it send to the rest of the world?

As much as I believe he should be put through the ringer prior to his well-deserved demise, I'm not sure that hanging him is the right decision. How many problems does it solve? And how many does it create?

Just a quick gut reaction there. Maybe more after my second gallon of tea and another twenty smokes.

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Stan said...

Not sure if hanging is any kind of deterrent to potential future tyrants, but I'm sure his many victims would appreciate him getting some of the "cruel and unusual" punishment he has meted out over the years.

I think a funnier alternative would be to put him to work on one of those Arizona chain-gangs for a few centuries.