Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Twitter Ye Not

Some of the cleverest, most tech-savvy people I know use Twitter.

Stephen Fry (IQ 1000) uses it.

My friend Flit (IQ 108) uses it.

Tech colossi like Rupert and Kenny use it.

Lesser mortals also use it. Lots of them. In fact the (hiss!) Daily Mail think it could replace Churchill in the primary school syllabus. Oh yes !

To me, it's an updated version of those tiresome business execs who made a show of leaving themselves messages on a portable dictaphone : "Note to Self : Must leverage my synergy." Or those Japanese tourists who spend so much time snapping thousands of photos that they hardly notice where they are and forget to actually do anything. It's like the shiny-suited young men shouting banalities into their mobile phones in public : "I'm on the train." No-one cares !!!

I prefer to blog. To spend a couple of days mulling over in my head whether something is worth the wear-and-tear on the keyboard. To spend an evening chasing down les mots justes.

And between Bloggages, I do what I need to do in the real world without stopping to update cyberspace re: the progress of my day.

Just what am I missing ?

Update : I was SO proud of the title of this post. I was therefore crestfallen to find that that over 266,000 other pages on the Internet used it before me.

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