Sunday, March 22, 2009

The F-Word

Police officers have fun - they enjoy the challenge of their work and the buzz of thief-taking. They also enjoy world-class banter in the dull bits between the action.

Funeral Directors have fun - you would rapidly go off your nut otherwise with all that death and grief. Plus there's the reward of relatives comforted and a job well done. Also there's a brother/sisterhood of people in the business that you can share stories with.

Magistrates ?

I've lost count of the number of times people have used the phrase "interesting and challenging" around me. As in "I hope you are finding the work interesting and challenging".

Is there really anything wrong with this Magistrate admitting he is (gulp) Having Fun?

It's not like I'm up at the front, grinning like a loon. Or laughing out loud as I contemplate punishing yet another already-broken person. It's certainly not that I'm taking the responsibility vested in me lightly.

My public face is as responsible as I can manage. I try not to smile when a lawyer goofs, nor mutter "yeah yeah ..." when the defendant goes off on an extended holiday from the truth.

But in private, Magistrates do have fun. I've seen it.

And the work truly is "interesting and challenging".

When you are performing a worthwhile duty with fascinating co-workers and the work is both interesting and challenging, how is it possible not to enjoy yourself? Should it really be part of your job description to pretend (even in private) that you're not?

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