Saturday, July 05, 2008

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3

And yes, Ian Dury is definitely on my Great Lyricists list.

I was watching a repeat of "Location, Location, Location" in a rare idle moment this week. It was from a completely different era when property prices were booming and everything was sunny and optimistic with the economy. About 18 months ago I think.

Anyway, the couple involved were totally obnoxious, smug and annoying and I was about to switch off when I had a thought that instantly made it the most enjoyable TV show I'd seen for some time.

Basically, you need to watch the program with the benefit of hindsight. We now know that the smug and obnoxious couple are about to make the worst decision of their lives and buy a house at the top of a market that will almost instantly fall away beneath their feet. By the end I was cheering them on to take the plunge and I almost cried with joy when they did buy the house. Wonder how smug they are now that it is worth about 30% less than they paid. They are probably still pretty obnoxious though

Yes, it's probably wrong for me to gain enjoyment from bad things happening to bad people but if we're to keep smiling through the Credit Crunch we need to make the best of the situation.

For example:-

* Hundreds of Estate Agents are getting sacked and the rest are fighting each other for the few remaining scraps of business. Hurray !

* Those crashing bores who go on about how much the price of their houses have increased have shut the heck up. Funny how they don't prattle on about how much money they have lost recently.

* I love see to the faces of the 4x4 drivers at the petrol station when they see that they have spend over £100 on filling up.

* Lots of braying City Boys have been sent packing from their Financial Institutions with no transferable skills and a £500-a-day cocaine habit.

* Less traffic on the roads as people start to think about whether they need to use the car for all their journeys.

* I can usually get a seat at Starbucks these days

You are welcome to provide your own examples, and remember Schadefreude is fun and costs nothing and so is the perfect way to take your mind off how the heck you are going to pay the mortgage this month.


Her Mag said...

- NHS doctors available within a reasonable time frame, as they have far less private patients
- BOGOF's (buy one get one free) that you REALLY want
- Buy three, get one free, that you actually NEED
- Prisoners offering to pay the 'one day in custody' for their fines, the smart ones knowing we can't accept that anyway.

Stan said...

Good points all - I forgot about supermarkets. I especially like the fact that they now have lots of much-needed capital tied up in Land Banks that they will have trouble selling and all the while the value plummets. Ah, bliss !