Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dahn Sau-fff (Down South)

To Northerners such as myself, there is a temptation to refer to "The South" as if all parts of the South of England are pretty well indistinguishable.

Yesterday I was at a meeting near Henley-on-Thames which makes my leafy suburb seem positively deprived.
I then went to Southwark for a meeting and found armed police and dog unit between me and the office needed to get to. They were laying siege to a neighbouring council block.

This didn't seem to be a big deal to the locals - the guy with the police dog had to repeatedly warn off pedestrians who wanted to squeeze past. The location is just round the corner from the Old Vic theatre - I wondered if some of them thought that actors were doing a Location-Specific performance of a play called "Armed Police !! Throw out the Ferkin Guns and Come Out With Your Mother-Fudging Hands Up"

I never found out what was involved and I wouldn't be surprised if this posting was the only media coverage of the event. Just another day in Southwark.

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