Thursday, September 27, 2007

Towering Innuendo

My attitude to London was fairly typical for a Northerner.

Think about the Daleks' attitude to the Tardis and you wouldn't be far off.

I hated the way it monopolised the economy and cultural life in this country - heck it even monopolised the weather forecast.
What made my attitude worse was that I had a desperate time there after University; no friends, no money and a job I hated.
But hey - my new job is in the financial district and I'm starting to see what all the fuss is about. Check out the view from the office window.
I still can't stand the loud-mouthed, over-confident City Boys who bray into their mobiles while I'm trying to do my crossword, but where else would you find a wonderful Japanese canteen next door to an amazing Dutch bar at the foot of a huge building shaped like a Gherkin ?

It's an interesting area round there too. It's the site of Bevis Marks Synagogue, the first one in England after the Jews were allowed back by Cromwell after 360-odd year of exile. And the Swiss Re building itself is on the site of a building damaged by an IRA attack ...
... which was rebuilt by the same company that gave me the job I hated way back in the '90s that made me hate London really quite a lot for a while.


ArcticFox said...

It's the bloody beer and associated silly prices that really get my goat!!

For your mum's blog how about : "Mum of Stan"!! or "Mum-Rah" or "mum mumbles" ??

Just ideas.

PS: that is a really great view out of your window AND I can not deny the options available for food - do you think the difference is just having some money in your pocket to enjoy it all?


ArcticFox said...

PS: I am no meteorologist - just an obstreperous grumpy blogger.