Friday, April 06, 2007

Wonder if a paperclip taps on the window

For those who hate, loathe and detest Microsoft Word and dream of attaching a few tons of high-explosive to the person responsible's butt - stop wishing. He's decided to strap it on himself.

Charles Simonyi was head of Microsoft's application software group which developed the "Office" suite we have come to know and loathe. He has signed up for a bit of space tourism, departing in just a few minutes from Kazakhstan (no relation), heading in an upward direction at speed (assuming the mission computers are running a reliable operating system).

His hobbies include dating Martha Stewart, object-oriented programming, ham-radio, sailing big yachts, and being ballast and a waste of oxygen on a spaceship.

Actually I like the guy - he's become a billionaire while being an employee and he endowed the position of "Professor of the Public Understanding of Science" at Oxford University, a position currently filled by the great Richard Dawkins.

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Kenny said...

"the great Richard Dawkins"?

If I had a fish to hand, you'd be well and truly slapped around the chops with it. :)