Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hummer Bummer

Just 15 miles drive from my house lies the UK's only Hummer dealer. On that journey a Hummer H2 will likely use 2 gallons of fuel.

This is a semi-civilised version of the US army's Humvee, capable of driving over a 16-inch high wall, fording 20 inches of water, traversing a 40% side slope, ascending/descending a 60% grade, and towing 3 tons. Not typical conditions in the Manchester commuter-belt.

You just know the kind of people who are likely to buy these.

My question : is it acceptable to allow anyone with £50,000 or so to drive poluting, dangerous, road-surface damaging vehicles ?

My personal opinion : sure, but it'll cost you. I'd say 10x the standard road-tax and a special congestion-charge. Freedom has its costs.

Here are some people who would certainly agree : http://fuh2.com/

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