Thursday, March 08, 2007

It's been a while

Allo everybody peeps. I feel I have been remiss in not posting here for a while.

The trouble is that Stan's site is a tad more cerebral than mine so I have to have something more weighty than my usual rantings on my site.

Completely contradicting the above sentence, I feel I need to point you all in the direction of the new love of my life. She's young, she's gorgeous and she writes like a proverbial bugger. Readers of Stan are probably not Telegraph readers so will not be au fait with the works of Bryony Gordon. She's the brightest thing I have read since my Missus stopped blogging.


I'll be back with some political comment as soon as something incenses me sufficiently. Probably in about 10 minutes.


Stan said...

Do check on Zoe Williams in "The Guardian".

Not as glam - but every bit as smart and funny.

Neither is in the same league as Mrs. Stan - obviously.

Kenny said...

She's not bad at all.

If Mrs Stan is as good as you say, you should beat her into guest-posting or even starting her own blog!