Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Absolut Madness

Of course Freddy Flintoff's pedalo imbroglio was amusing, but it isn't close to being the summit of extreme stupidity by a sportsman on tour.

Peter Beagrie was a particularly talented left winger who played for a whole bunch of clubs during a long career. It was when he was with Everton however that he got lost during a night out in Benidorm on the club's 1991 tour of Spain following a game with Real Sociedad.

He flagged down a Spanish biker, who gave him a lift back to his hotel. Once there he found that the porter was asleep (or was trying to ignore him). So, with logic that must have made perfect sense at the time, he grabbed the Kawasaki and rode it up the hotel steps through a plate glass door.

He needed 50 stitches, the state of the bike is not recorded.

Shame it was the wrong hotel ...

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Kenny said...

You've got to love Freddy though. He's an icon.

I wonder who the other five were. My guess is:


Having typed that, I only got 2 out of the five. Just read the BBC report.