Saturday, March 31, 2007


I would normally do this on my own blog, but my hosting company are being untypically unresponsive to the fact that my server is down.

How hard is it to keep a server running? My day job is designing resiliant computer systems with redundancy built in at every level. When I look to design something, these are the first considerations I have, because ultimately, that is the cost factor. Unless someone cuts two cables, none of anything I have designed will fail.

The guys who I do my hosting with are good. I have been with them for nearly seven years now, but to let a server be down for over 2 hours is outrageous. What you do is arrange that the connections to the SAN are connected to two servers - a kind of crossover if you like. And then you have a virtual IP that maps to a cluster of the servers that are connected to the SAN. Not rocket science! For just doing that, you reduce your outage probability by a factor of 4. Even if your luck really bums out, it should be a matter of minutes before you can reconfigure another server to access the bits that are rendered inaccessible.

In the immortal words of my wife "Oy vey". How annoying is it that your server is down?


Stan said...

Looks like you're back up now. Yes, very irritating - please do feel free to post here again if the gremlins strike and you absolutely must share something with the world.

Kenny said...

Ya sarcy bugger! :)