Thursday, March 22, 2007

Araucaria Ate My Hamster

Near the end of Day 2 of my attempt to do Araucaria's cryptic crossword in Wednesday's Guardian, I resorted to blatant internet cheating. The contents of my head were proving not to be up to the job. Not even Mrs Stan's unique lateral mind was getting any purchase.

While investigating what in the name of Godfrey Daniels "scissorer" could mean, I came across Fifteensquared a crossword blog where the full answer was given with reasoning and the comment
"A relatively easy Araucaria today. There were few uncommon words, resolved by their word play, that I had to check just to make sure. As is the case with Araucaria there were one or two small liberties taken and some strange surface readings. Very enjoyable though."
Just goes to show that no matter how big a clever-dick you think yourself to be, there are always bigger and cleverer dicks around.


Kenny said...

I will boomark this guy. Anyone who can say "relatively easy Araucaria" with a straight face has to be a mind to be reckoned with.

Honestly, if you're not intimidated by the Big A, what does intimidate?

Neil said...

The clever dicks have now moved to