Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Welcome to Britain (you, you and you - but not you)

Romanian and Bulgarian workers are going to be rationed, but we can have an unlimited supply of Poles or Slovaks. Reminds me of a nightclub letting in anyone from Yorkshire but only 5 people from Cambridgeshire at any time.

Personally, assuming they can support themselves and pass some basic vetting to keep out the begging-classes, I'd say let them all come.

Anyone remember how rude the staff used to be in shops and restaurants in Britain ? Remember how powerful plumbers and builders used to be ? Do you know how screwed our economy would be without a regular infusion of tax-paying legal immigrants ?

If nothing else, think of the food. Five years from now I fully expect it to be routine to be nip into a Bulgarian Takeaway after a heavy night out for a tray of stuffed cabbage leaves and a glass of rakyia while you're waiting.

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