Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Muslim area

There's a guy called Abu Izzadeen who said something today that made my jaw hang open and my brain turn to mush. He heckled the Home Secretary, John Reid. I don't have a problem with that - John Reid (as is his habit) was talking really quite a lot of patronising clap-trap at the time.

It was this line I had a problem with :-
"How dare you come to a Muslim area"

The location of the meeting was either Leyton or Leytonstone in East London, depending on which newspaper you read. Look at the statistics.

Less than a quarter of the population are Muslim - how does that make it a Muslim area ?

I think Mr. Izzadeen has revealed something very interesting about himself here. In his mind - everyone in the area is Muslim. Wonder how he's managed to live there without bumping into any of the non-Muslims who outnumber his people 3-to-1.

Even if it were 100% Muslim - we're talking about a small slice of the capital city of our country and they get the same law as everyone else.

And so he has to suffer visits from John Reid just like the rest of us.


Kenny said...

You know two things about this that are pertinant:

1) John Reid quite rightly pointed out that he is allowed to go anywhere in the UK -- it's a free country.

2) The Muslim wazzock in question has been under observation by MI5 for some time. He's a member of some extremist group associated with 7/7. So the gorgeous Kate Silverton informs me anyway.

Stan said...

The whole situation seems a bit staged to me. Can't help thinking that the only way a known risk like Izzadeen would be allowed that close to the Home Secretary (and ex-Defense Secretary remember) would be if the situation was being Managed. Could be Cock-up but I don't think Conspiracy should be ruled out.