Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Doing something about the Foam

In the previous rant about fire-retardant foam I blew off some steam and felt a lot better for it.

It occurred to me this was just talk unless I did something about it. So I did.

I haven't chained myself to the gates of parliament (way too busy, sorry) but I have emailed my MP, George Osborne (Conservative), who as shadow Chancellor is odds-on to be the man responsible for paying for this sort of thing after the next election.

I was moved by the report on Channel 4 news of the continuing delay in fitting fire-retardant foam to the fuel tanks of Hercules transport planes deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I am by no means a supporter of either deployment but believe that when troops are put in harm's way there must be an extraordinary effort to do all we can to protect them.

Could I please ask you to raise the continuing delay with the proper authorities ? I feel it's only good luck that we haven't had a repeat of the tragedy of December.

It's not exactly "Ten Days that Shook the World", but it's the first political thing I've done for years.

Further bulletins as events warrant.


sammycolon said...

I agree 100% with you whilst I may not agree with the war, I think the people in charge should do everything in there power to protect these people, It annoyes me that solders can go into battle without body armour because not enough has been bought.

Stan said...

Cheers Sammy - it's the fundamental lack of respect that hacks me off. Used to be that you the ruling elite just got a bunch of skint uneducated people and sent them to the front. Hope to God we're past that stage now. You literally could NOT pay me enough to do that job - I'm glad someone is willing to do it - and I feel very strongly that we should be looking after them.

Kenny said...

I sat chatting with a couple of ex-marines last night. It's even worse than you think. I'll be blogging it later.

Stan said...

Cheers Andy - and thanks for the link which seems to have brought half of America to my Blog !

Have devised a chant for the demo.

"What do we want ?!"

"FOAM !"

"When do we want it ?"

"About ten years ago you clueless muppets !"