Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I definitely need some kind of stress-counselling after sitting through the series finale of BBC's Spooks. OK, the plots don't stand up to any kind of analysis but the acting is first-class and the dialogue is wonderful (e.g Ros in episode 8 - after double or triple-crossing Everyone; Everyone now wants to kill her. She's in a hopeless position and her line is the inspired
"I don't want to be dead. There are books I want to read and I still hate my kitchen!"

The series finale is totally bereft of laughs, but more than makes up for it in emotional drama and tension. I won't spoil the ending - mostly because I can't be sure whether the worst actually happened.

Either way, it was powerful stuff, landing some good political blows, and hopefully dissuading a lot of unsuitable people from joining MI5. We're told that not only are the hours bad, and the risks high, but the money isn't much good either (even with the Luncheon Vouchers). You can't even fall back on the "serving your country" or "being the good guys". British Intelligence has for real been very much the bad guys (hint: Northern Ireland) and has acted in complete opposition to our interests (hint : bugging and generally spying on private citizens and their elected representatives).

I only "discovered" Spooks this series, and I'm delighted that there are 5 previous series for me to watch. Should keep me amused until Series 7 is made. Assuming enough characters walk or crawl away from the Series 6 finale to make a Series 7 worthwhile.

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