Monday, December 31, 2007

And your little dog, too !

Apparently, there have been a newsworthy number of people who have been moved by recent tragic mauling of a toddler in Wakefield. Moved to the extent that they want to decommission the dangerous dogs they have lying around the house, chewing on the furniture.

Finally ! To me, "The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991" is badly named in that all dogs are dangerous. Having been nipped by a Jack Russell myself, I can say it's not just the ones the size of small ponies that need to muzzled.

In fact, only four types of dogs are banned under the Act :
* the Pit Bull Terrier;
* the Japanese tosa;
* the Dogo Argentino;
* the Fila Brasileiro

Let's extend it to anything with teeth and more than two legs.

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