Sunday, December 02, 2007


I'm afraid this a guest post.

Stan and I used to sit doing crosswords in the pub in St Albans. I hate to admit it but he's way better than I. During that time (and I may have mentioned it before but can't recollect or be bothered to search through the archives), we kind of rediscovered Dolly Parton. I've blogged about this on my own site, but it really was a seminal moment for me.

I'd never given her much time in my musical listenings even though my father in law was a country music buff who knocked around with Roy Orbison and was an all round complete muso. Sadly he died a couple of months ago and I never got to say goodbye.

Anyway Stan, a bloke called R and I used to sit in The Horn over lunch doing the crosswords. The barmaid in there was a massive Dolly Parton fan (strange she was more goth/rock than any girl I have ever met). But every day, on came on the Dolly at her behest.

One day, Stan turned to us and said something along the lines of "Isn't this weird -- we're in a rock venue, listening to Dolly Parton and doing the crosswords? And none of it seems odd." I went back to the hotel and had a good cogitate on that one. Finally I agreed with that statement. It was truly bizarre.

The barmaid was called Lauren, and her manager Sarah, who I still keep in touch with, was equally as keen on the Dolly. They are personally responsible for God knows how many Dolly Parton CDs -- hell, I know I have spent a fortune on them.

I suppose what I'm trying to get at is that you hear certain names and your brain blanks them because you have no interest. Enter an 18 year old barmaid with some class and bang, you're suddenly hooked. I would never have considered buying a Dolly Parton CD in my life, but thanks to two girls in a remote pub, I'm now an addict.

Thanks Lauren and Sarah -- you opened at least a couple of peoples' eyes.


Stan said...

It was a strange discovery. I'm sure that over in Tennessee somewhere there were some guys coming off shiftwork and heading to their bar to shoot some pool and have some beers, who found that their bairmaid had put The Smiths on the jukebox.

Stan said...

Did you see Dolly on Breakfast TV ? Her bizarre link to Rotherham

Stan said...

And another thing ... anyone who mocks Kenny 'n' Stan's shock admission should listen to "Here You Come Again" before they pass judgement. You could listen to it without knowing a word of English and still know what it was all about.

Kenny said...

I think it speaks volumes that Sisters of Mercy covered Jolene. She's a diamond.