Thursday, June 21, 2007

"I woke up this morning/with a Frappuccino in my hands".

Starbucks’ “Banana Java Chip Frappachino” is just wrong.

Wrong ! - the banana puree does contain some fruit (one of your 5-a-day ?) but mostly sugar

Wrong ! – the coffee contains caffeine : a known drug !

Wrong ! – Chocolate chips – need I say more

Wrong ! – the whole package packs about 500 belly-bulging empty calories

Wrong ! – Starbucks is helping our town centres become totally blah, is an icon of globalisation and is not quite yet playing fair with third-world farmers.

I had one today. It was blooming marvellous.


jo said...

me too, so true.

Stan said...

Nice to see I'm not the only one, Jo. In my defence I had a sore throat, was running a fever and had been stuck in the London Underground for longer than advertised. What was your excuse ? (not that you need one)

jo said...

It was a hot day and I was dehydrated. That must have been enough to weaken my resolve when I walked past the advert for it. I'm really normally immune to most advertising - honest.