Monday, June 04, 2007

Brand, Not Bland

"Russell Brand's Brit jokes escape censure". I bet he's absolutely livid - getting rapped by Ofcom would've been the best news he's had since West Ham cheated (in all senses of the word) their fate.

ITV described the Brit Awards as being "edgy". Now THAT'S funny. The Brits are as edgy as Eurovision - witness the edgy acts that won in 2006 (James Blunt x 2, Coldplay x2, Jack Johnson...).

Russell Brand's material was good given the occasion and he delivered it with some style, despite obviously holding back. I wouldn't have done the friendly-fire gag, but I'm glad he did.

Holding back ? Well, yes. The man knows how to tailor his material to his audience. He's learnt a lot since he was sacked for going to work on September 12th 2001 dressed as Osama bin Laden.

Who are these 260 people who tuned in and were shocked that he was shocking ?

I'm hoping this event will encourage comedians to err on the side of riskiness in future. Comedians (and public speakers in general) should not be judged by bureaucrats. It could be sinister and it definitely spoils my fun.

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Kenny said...

Had they even linked Osama by the 12th? I know, as I was sat watching the 9/11 attacks happen, that I said to Da Missus that it must be his doing, but the US authorities were truly cagey for days.

Anyway, point taken on the humor factor.