Friday, June 08, 2007

So-So Day-Glo Logo is a No-No

The 2012 Olympics Logo is generating some heat, but very little light.

People are actually signing petitions to stop this thing - really, are there no issues more deserving of a grass-roots movement at the moment ? Anyone ?

Unjust wars (pick one at random ... ooo, how about Iraq) ? Crooked government ? Global Warming ? Saudi bribes ? House Prices ? Fuel Prices ? Unemployment ? Destruction of Green-Belt ? The Middle East ? English Cricket ? Genetic Engineering ? Police Stop & Search ? African Famine and War ? Zimbabwe ? The NHS ? Grammar Schools ? Collapsed Pensions Schemes ? Abortion ? Press Freedom ? Fathers' Rights ? Women's rights ? Rampaging Supermarkets ? Globalisation ? Elder Abuse ? Child Abuse ? Drinking Laws ? Smoking Laws ? Mother-in-Laws ?

It's a logo - it's fine, maybe it'll grow on us, and everyone will forget it the minute the last London 2012 souvenir t-shirt fades in the wash.

So, could anyone engaged in this ridiculous campaign please desist, take a breath, and do something useful with their indignation.

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