Saturday, May 12, 2007


I hate it when someone you disagree with makes you laugh. Cheat Neutral is a spoof website that allows you to pay someone to be faithful to their partner, so that you can go cheat on yours with a clear conscience.

I still think carbon offsetting can be made to work, but Cheat Neutral has rather neatly demonstrated the craziness of thinking that money can totally wash whiter-than-white.

Right-wing comedians like P.J O'Rourke and Dennis Miller make me laugh, but I find their opinions objectionable. The Blue Collar Comedians too. People on the left these days seem to be humourless and solemn - it wasn't always so.

Where have all the funny pinkos gone ?

Captain's Log Supplemental : Yes, I forgot about Mark Steel and Rory Bremner and Jeremy Hardy and Mark Thomas.

But apart from them ... ah poop, I don't have a point do I ?

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