Friday, May 11, 2007

The Heir to Blair

I think I'll resist the temptation to do a political obituary on Tony Blair.

Ok, maybe I'll do a little one.

This man is responsible for a lot of lost Labour Party members, myself included. He changed it into something I barely recognisable, and for that reason I despise him.

His policies on Iraq were either insanely misguided or criminally evil. I'm sure time will tell whether he will be considered a joke prime minister like Eden, or will be the first PM to grace The Hague during a War Crimes tribunal.

Brown, as I've said before, may pleasantly surprise us - if he does, I still haven't signed up with another party, so maybe he can win me back.

Demand 1 : Pull out of Iraq by a given date - how does December 31st sound ?
Demand 2 : Some kind of balance to the right-wing thug element at Home Office would be lovely
Demand 3 : Taxes up, green taxes hugely up, spending on everything apart from Trident up as well
Demand 4 : Listen to the rank-and-file members, at least sometimes. I found there was no point being a member of a party where the chances of my view being heard was laughable.

Not much to ask in return for an annual fee and a donation to the Labour Party jumble sale. That's if I can find a local Labour Party big enough to hold a jumble sale.


Kenny said...

TB may have made some mistakes but you're obviously not remembering that was *bad*. At the time, it was over half my life of her and her maniacal policies -- I'll take TB over her any day.

Stan said...

I despise Blair but I will happily rejoice and put on my grave-dancing shoes the day Maggie dies.

Slight difference.

Can't bring myself to have any emotions about Major, Callaghan, Heath or Wilson.

Maybe we should consider it a blessing to have interesting PMs. Or maybe we should hope that the next few are real boring.

Kenny said...

There's no such beast as a boring PM. Well, except Major -- the height of his glamour was the Edwina affair, which in itself shows what a sad bastard he was.

I'll not go far as to tap the grave-dancing shoes when Maggie kiffs it, but I won't miss her. She was pure evil. She cost my neck of the woods their livelihoods. You would not believe how many of my mates are still in a hole thanks to her.

You'll hate me for this, but for the first time in my life, I voted Tory in the local elections. I'm sick of rampant over-spending.

Come the next General Election, Gordon Brown can bugger off. As can David Cameron. What we need is Stan standing for office, glass of cider in hand. That would get my vote -- as Vic Reeves says "a sane voice in a sea of drivel".