Monday, May 07, 2007

Is "new Atheism" like "new Coke" ?

I have so many comments on Madeleine Bunting's article in The Guardian. It may take some time to cool down to the point that my fingers can emerge from my clenched fists and type them sensibly.

"The New Atheists loathe religion far too much to plausibly challenge it"


Let's break that sentence down.

(1) "new atheist" - an atheist is an atheist.

(2) "loathe religion" - not all atheists loathe religion. Most just believe religion is incorrect and get on with the rest of their lives.

(3) " ... loathe ... too much to plausibly challenge ..." - I loathe child molesters. Does that mean I'm in no position to challenge them ?

And that's just the title of the piece. Maybe tomorrow I'll have calmed down enough to tear into the wrongheaded garbage between the headline and the byline.


Flitcraft said...

I wouldn't bother reading it - she's bonkers in the nut.

stanetta said...

missing you loads
stanneta xxxx

Cruella said...

Good points Stan