Monday, December 06, 2010


"I'm a real nightmare with administration - I get into SUCH a mess (nervous giggle)"

The defendant was trying to explain why she hadn't responded to a request to identify who was driving her car when it was photographed jumping a red light.

The chairman was being infinitely patient - but he was being tested by her habit of cutting him off before he had managed half a sentence. She was obviously nervous in court, but this was obviously pretty typical behaviour for her.

"I got two of these through in the same week and I responded to the speeding one so I thought they would take the same details for the red light one"

"But you got a reminder - didn't you realise something ... ?"

"No - I don't really read it properly - I know I should have -  like I say, I'm a NIGHTMARE (really nervous giggle)"

"I'm afraid 'being a nightmare' isn't an adequate defence. Your problem now is that the 6 points we have to impose for this offence will take you to 12 ..."

"No - I've only got 3 points so far ... haven't I ?"

"I regret that DVLA records show you have 6 point so far - 3 for defective tyres and 3 for speeding."

"Oh - I just thought there was a fine and not any points - I think .... I didn't really ..."

(completing the sentence in my head) ... didn't really read the fines notices properly because I'm a nightmare

"I'm afraid that we will have to arrange another session to discuss the ban - it is possible that you can claim 'Exceptional Hardship' - I'm assuming you need your car for work ?"

"Oh yes, I'm a nurse"

Yeek ! She doesn't read forms and she's rotten at administration and she gives powerful drugs to sick people.

Now, that's what I call a nightmare.

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