Monday, July 19, 2010

Quick - must post something ... Oh, this'll do

I haven't run out of things to say on the blog - it's just that every day brings some new horror/wonder and my grasshopper mind skips off into the undergrowth.

Some highlights :-

(a) Government fiscal policy - the dictum of "if it hurts, it must be doing you good" can be disproved  by putting your head in a drawer, and closing it repeatedly until you realise your mistake or you get to the point where the whole process has done you so much good that you need to go to hospital now.

I'm in all favour of trimming fat, but these sadists seem to want the muscle and bone and lots of screaming too.

(b)  I have no sympathy for Raoul Moat. I do have sympathy with people who have complete mental breakdowns, but only the ones who dissolve into tears and get help. This guy was just a thug who lost his sense of proportion.

(c) I have no problems with Christians, Muslims or Jedis, but only one of these groups is imposing their toilet design on me.

(d) I don't know what happened to England in the World Cup either, but I'm reminded of the following piece of racing advice "Always bet on the best horse with the best rider". If you ever thought this was England, try the trick with the drawer described in (a) above.

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