Friday, October 10, 2008

Status Report

You may see that I've rearranged the furniture of the blog a little.

This is mostly due to the fact that becoming a Magistrate kind of complicates the act of blogging. For one thing, people will drop in looking for an in-depth account of my life as England's newest JP and, well, they're more likely to get a book report or a current affairs whinge.

I did consider starting a seaparate blog devoted exclusively to the Magistrate issues which would be totally free of the other stuff in my life I care enough about.

This would have been a safer option and would have prevented some bozo from ever complaining that my opinions on Bolton Wanderers, "Spooks", Darfur, Starbucks, Coldplay, Fedora Linux, Damien Hirst, "Lost", Soldiers, Putting Things in Cheese, Single Transferable Voting, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Flavoured Coffee, Garden Centres, Mobile Broadband, Craft Shops, Glen Campbell doing Green Day cover-versions, Icelandic Banks, Spanish Cars, French mustard, Crosswords, Marmite .....

... would in any way affect my ability to do my duty and enforce the letter of the law when I pull on a suit and go and do my civic duty as a Magistrate.

I've decided to take my chances and I'm staying with one single all-mixed-in-together blog. If all you care about are Magistracy issues then these articles are now appropriately tagged and you can get them here.

Although frankly you'd be better off reading Bystander's blog instead - I really don't know a thing yet.

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