Tuesday, October 14, 2008


My Stanetta is back from school with a sore arm. On the bright side she's now a hundred times less likely to die from cervical cancer.

This is thanks to the German virologist Harald zur Hausen, who discovered the link between the HPV virus and many types of cervical cancer, winning him a share of this year's Nobel Prize for Medicine.

Seems like a no-brainer to me that every parent would want to protect their girls from such a serious, avoidable risk, but the HPV innoculation jab has stirred up some controversy among a smattering of no-brainer Christian groups.

Their thinking is that by consenting to the innoculation against HPV, I am giving the green light to premarital underaged sex.

If Stanetta is reading this - no, I'm not. You can wait until after I'm dead, as previously discussed.

Seems to me that these out-there Christian groups would prevent people from wearing seat belts on the grounds that it encourages people to drive like morons.

Innoculations save lives - it tickles me that many of the groups opposed would describe themselves as "Pro Life".

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