Sunday, June 01, 2008

Viva el coche diesel grande y estupido !

The title refers to my big stupid Spanish diesel car which is about to pass 100,000 miles on the mileometer.

We obviously don't have enough children or pets, because we are set to celebrate this milestone with a themed food party. So far on the menu we have Rocky Road and Cava (car-va : geddit ??). Any other suggestions gratefully received.

VW Audi Group positioned the Toledo as being a rally car to rival the Subaru Imprezza or the Mitsubishi Evo.

In Their Dreams ...

It was obvious even to car dunce like me that it was actually a No-Logo rip-off of the Audi A4 with tackier trim, for way less money and no amount of marketing could change that. More recently Seat have panicked and relaunched the Toledo as a mad MPV that really doesn't know what it is. I guess the VAG Group thought one "Big Stupid Cheap Diesel" (the Skoda Octavia) was enough.

I don't care much for labels although I'm sure Audi drivers don't have to improvise velcro strips to keep the glovebox shut and their cars probably flood through the door seals slightly less often.


In other news, nothing really has enough detail at the moment for me to turn into a full blog posting - "Scrappy Days", as Beckett might have put it. One of the following may come back at a later date :-

  • Steve Moffat's Doctor Who script "Silence in the Library" = Wow ! Scary, intelligent, funny, atmospheric. Proves that Doctor Who isn't just for the kids. A massive improvement on the Giant Wasp Nearly Ate Agatha Christie episode that preceded it.
  • A newly-discovered Vonnegut piece about the Dresden bombing in the Sunday Times
  • We bought a bread machine and are OD'ing on carbs
  • I'm brushing up my C++
I could whine about how little I'm enjoying Work at the moment but I don't think anyone would enjoy that very much.

Quick, finish with a joke :-
A mugger pulls his gun and sticks it in a man's back and says, "Give me your money!"

The man turns and would you believe it, it's Gordon Brown, who growls : "You cannot do this, I'm the Prime Minister!"

The thief thinks for a moment ... "In that case, give me my money!"

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ArcticFox said...

how about bangers and smash!!

re: bread machine.... I use one ALL THE TIME!!! I buy those "wrights" bread mix packs.... the cheese and onion one is nice and the plain white mixed with cinnamon and raisins is great!! They bake on a fairly fast setting too.