Sunday, June 29, 2008

Selling Out

I'm not sure I have any respect for Ian Usher who has just sold his entire life for just short of £200,000 on Ebay. I am entirely sure that I have no respect for the person that bought it.

I know it's convenient to do all your shopping "under one roof", but isn't this taking things a bit far?

I imagine the purchaser to be someone who has nothing in the world apart from an Internet connection , £200,000 in the bank and a "To Do" list that reads :-

* Buy house
* Buy contents for house
* Buy car
* Buy motorbike and misc. macho sports gear
* Get crappy job selling rugs (even though I don't need the money)
* Get friends

Or maybe it's someone who was told to "get a life" and took it way too literally.

Whatever, someone will be stepping into his shoes (literally) and Mr. Usher will be exiting his house with the clothes on his back, a passport and a (well-stuffed) wallet. Good luck to him and I hope the new life he builds is one he'll want to hang onto.

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