Monday, May 05, 2008

I say No to drugs, but the drugs don't listen...

We should find some sort of award for Nicky Taylor who, in making the programme "Should I Smoke Dope ?" (shown on BBC3 recently), made it a part of her job to go to Amsterdam and hang around smoking dope and eating cake.

You may remember she is also the person who made it a part of her job on previous occasions to go binge-drinking, have a tummy-tuck and fail to wash for a month. Not typical behaviour for a 40-something single mum from Kidderminster but hardly cutting-edge journalism. Managed to upset the Daily Mail though, which is usually a good sign.

If there's anyone reading this who has influence in commissioning programmes for digital TV, I urgently need to talk to you about developing some ideas where I investigate the effects of living in a big house, driving a selection of big cars and eating in fancy restaurants every night. My working title is "Could I have more money than sense (please) ?"

I'm just hellish jealous - firstly that she thought of it first, but also because she is rather good at it. She's a real character - scatty, flirtatious, clever and very funny. Can't wait to see what she does next.

Oh, and the shock answer to the question "Should I Smoke Dope?" turned out be to "Heck, No !". Even if it were legal (and it isn't) you should especially not do it regularly or you'll perforate your lungs and melt your brain. The stuff on sale in the UK is particularly not recommended because of quality issues and the fact that you're probably bankrolling organised criminals.

Stan says "Just Say No, Kids"


Another excellent episode of "Mad Men" last night - but, alas, no time to do it justice here. Maybe next time.

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