Friday, May 09, 2008

Mixed Marriage

Somehow the Stan Household manages to survive being composed of an Atheist Dad, a Christian Mum and a Christian Daughter.

To listen to Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, the Archbishop of Westminster, you'd think this was a rare, nay freak state of affairs. So much so, that he has felt the need to remind Christians to respect Atheists. Was the previous policy to hunt them with dogs ?

It was interesting to listen to him on Radio 4 this morning, well after Richard Dawkins did his piece. The Cardinal is not the greatest of speakers and he uses the lamest sound bites and clich├ęs ... er ... "at the drop of a hat".

I have a few questions :-
  1. What is this "deep esteem" he mentions that I should start to expect to receive from Catholics, and could I have the cash instead ?
  2. What are the chances that the UK could become a "God-free zone" ? A few big-mouthed bolshie atheists against the Creator of All sounds like a mis-match to me.
  3. Why does he always describe Atheists as "non-believers" ? Atheists believe - just not in the same thing as the Cardinal.
  4. Exactly which "people are afraid to express their religious beliefs in the UK" ?
  5. Exactly which "many people" are suffering from "a sense of being in a sort of exile from faith-guided experience." ? And what in the name of Baal is he talking about ?
I can only think he point-blank refused to go head-to-head on the radio with Richard Dawkins, who has a once-in-a-lifetime mind and a considerable talent for aggressive iconoclasm. Or maybe he just didn't want to stay in the room with someone who would compare his God to an "Imaginary Friend". I can't help thinking he's a bit short on "Deep Esteem" for Atheists if he won't debate with them. Check out Rabbi Shmuley Boteach versus Christopher Hitchens on YouTube - I'm sure the Cardinal could pick up some pointers.

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