Thursday, March 20, 2008

Eff One

Dominic Coles, BBC Sport Director of Sport Rights, said: "The biggest motorsporting event in the world is returning home after 12 years. We were delighted when Bernie Ecclestone approached us about the return of F1 to the BBC. Formula One is a crown jewel of sports broadcasting, so to bring the rights back to their traditional home from 2009 is tremendously exciting."

I have a few issues with that statement :-

(1) Formula 1 is not a sport. No, really - it isn't. It's a set of no-personality millionaires driving the cars of even-less personality billionaires.

(2) "Coming home" ? Who cares which channel shows the thing? Races last half the day with hours between incidents, so you'd hardly notice the commercial breaks.

(3) Just how much of my license fee is going on this boondoggle ? And what are the BBC going to have to drop to pay for it?

Hope they bring back the Fleetwood Mac theme tune though - great track.

Not at all relevant to the theme, but on the BBC's "Today" programme this morning there was an amazing item about Shirley Collins who in 1959 went down to Mississippi with music archivist Alan Lomax in a rented Buick and recorded whatever the people there happened to be singing.

They played a track by one of their discoveries, Mississippi Fred McDowell - do yourself a favour and listen here. This guy just is so effortlessly and naturally musical, and even a fat white middle-class Brit in a motorway tailback was moved.

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