Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Like a D-D-D-Dude

The American evangelist Frederick Buechner once wrote :
"Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don't be afraid."
On the long list of terrible things there's a former prime minister who still inspires hatred in even some of the best of us after death and there's whatever it is that drove somebody to blow up an 8-year old in Boston.

But then there's Lem Knights on the UK version of "The Voice" - link to YouTube here.

The guy's 18 and the biggest Jessie J fan in world (for reasons that beat the heck out of me) so you can imagine what it meant to him when she hit the button and selected him for her team.

And then this - she offers to sing a duet with him and they blow the walls down with what I honestly didn't think was that great a song.

There's a lot of false emotion on shows like this - you imagine them practicing OMGs and bursting into tears in front of a mirror - but there's no way you can fake the level of total overload you see in him after he's finished the duet. His brain has melted and he no longer has any coherent thought process and really he doesn't even know what to do with his hands.

So there's also a young lad with a great big Bobby Womack voice who's going to sing with his hero and get better and better. 

Sometimes we forget that beautiful things happen in the world.

They do, they really do - it's just hard sometimes to pick them out above the general background noise of people being horrible to each other.

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