Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Serious, Proper Rape

"the classic rape, where someone jumps out of a bush...serious proper rape" : Ken Clarke

Dear Kenneth Clarke,

Anyone who works in the criminal justice system knows that their words are like live ammunition when they speak. The issues involved are so raw and personal for the victims that any off-hand insufficiently sensitive remark can cause offence and anger. Does the man in charge of the whole system not get that ? You patronising simpleton.

Why didn't you simply say that all rapes are serious, but that some rapes deserve extra punishment ? If pressed on what rapes those might be,  you could have quoted from a Crown Prosecution Service sentencing guide:-


  1. Offender ejaculated or caused victim to ejaculate
  2. Background of intimidation or coercion
  3. Use of drugs, alcohol or other substance to facilitate the offence
  4. Threats to prevent victim reporting the incident
  5. Abduction or detention
  6. Offender aware that he is suffering from a sexually transmitted infection
  7. Pregnancy or infection results
It's almost impossible to read the above without imagining just how bad an offence rape can become at the extreme.

Especially when you bear in mind that those aggravating factors are taken from the guideline "S5: Rape of a child under 13". Would the rape of a 12 year old without any additional aggravating factors be considered as not serious or not a proper rape  ? You total cretin.

All rapes are serious, all rapes are proper rapes.  You absolute buffoon.

Please be more sensitive with your language when you speak about these matters in the future and maybe I'll be more careful with my language when I speak about you.




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Kenny said...

With you all the way. How the maggot has managed to survive politically, given his tendency to only open his mouth to change feet, is unfathomable.