Wednesday, February 02, 2011

8 day week

Our administration team has been slashed over the last few years and the few remaining staff are good people who work very hard for little money to remove the many obstacles in the way of us doing what we do.

The following email though suggests that maybe the increased workload is starting to take its toll :-
Is anyone available for a Saturday Court on Friday 19th February please?


FD said...

Was the next sentence something like "Please reply by the x of Feb," by any chance? Because that's exactly the kind of typo I make when rushing... smashing two sentences together into a correctly spelt, but unintelligible mess.

Stan said...

FD : To balance things up - I admit to being the person who recently has :-

(a) Attempted to use his Bolton Wanderers season ticket to get through the barrier at Bank tube station


(b) Entered his cashpoint pin number into the coffee machine at work.

It's a darned good job Magistrates work in threes...