Monday, April 12, 2010

The Rare Good Song

I was in a café the other day and they played "I Can't Dance" by Genesis followed by "Losing My Religion" by REM. It occurred to me that these two are examples of songs that I love from people who haven't produced a single other song that I like.

Further examples include :-

"Shelter From The Storm" - Bob Dylan
"Could It Be Magic" - Barry Manilow
"Can't Speak French" - Girls Aloud
"Quatuor Pour La Fin Du Temps" - Olivier Messiaen

I'm not talking about "One Hit Wonders" - there are plenty enough of those. What fascinates me is that someone can produce one thing that works for me amongst a considerable mountain of stuff that doesn't.

Any further nominations gratefully received.


Anonymous said...

Really? The only Dylan song you like is "Shelter from the storm"? What about "Knocking on heaven's door"? "Blowing in the wind"? What about 3/4 of his output?

Only "Losing my religion"? What about "Find the river", "Orange Crush", "Strange Currencies", "Everybody Hurts", "Near wild heaven"????

Stan said...

I knew Dylan would be the controversial one - I don't get him and his nasal whine but "Shelter From The Storm" has metaphysical poetry and a kick-ass guitar riff - took me totally by surprise.

As for REM - lightweight, second-rate plastic student pap - but I do like the mandolin.