Saturday, January 23, 2010

Orange makes Stan see Red

My mobile phone company wrote to me recently :-

"Dear Stan,

We've been asking Orange customers what they want from a credit card.
The feedback was loud and clear."
Here's what my loud and clear feedback would have been if they'd bothered asking me :-

"What the flippy heck are you doing asking us about credit cards?? If you've got some time on your hands you should be improving your rotten customer care and billing systems or your slightly iffy network coverage in Stanshire.

No, I do not want an Orange credit card - for the same reason that I don't want a Bradford & Bingley mobile phone.

Now get back to work, and the next time you contact me the message had better be about mobile phones, preferably containing the words 'free' and 'upgrade' '"

1 comment:

TinaTurnerFan said...

Hi Stan. I am very interested in the Bradford and Bingley mobile phone, as I spend a lot of time in West Yorkshire, where my Orange mobile phone does not work satisfactorily (**).

Perhaps you can let me know who sells them.......

(**) This does not imply that my Orange mobile phone works satisfactorily anywhere at all.....