Monday, September 21, 2009

You know you've a teenage daughter in the house when …

  • It takes you half a hour to find the shampoo among the chemistry set that your bathroom has come to resemble
  • Her quick showers take twice as much water and quadruple the time of your longest bath
  • You learn that there are four seasons in a fashion year - as opposed to the two that you recognise (t-shirt weather & too-cold-for-t-shirt weather).
  • Your paper recycling is full of glossy pictures of sexy half-dressed young women, and you didn't put them there.
  • Your bathroom smells good.
  • Shoes. Lots of shoes.


Anonymous said...

Hair in the plug hole. Loads of it.

Washing machine is on permanent duty.

Webcam gets turned to the wall every time you walk in the room.

Half-eaten bowls of cereal just dumped in the washing up bowl (which just happened to be full of clean water)

Kitkat wrappers. Everywhere.

I feel your pain

Stan said...

I wouldn't call it pain - it's just such a steep learning curve for a bloke who didn't grow up around girls.

The plughole thing really is gross though.

Sara said...

You have no idea according to someone you know really well!!!! We've been at the teenage daughter thing for a while now and we still don't get it.

Mrs said...

The up-side, my darling, is that we have a daughter who is clean (very clean) smells nice, looks great and is well shod...just like us!

Bystander said...

Today's Times is pretty spot-on too.