Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Lessons from the Credit Crunch

  1. I really was paying too much for my car insurance
  2. You don't need to change your car every three years
  3. Home-made bacon sandwiches are the best
  4. Spend more than £40 on a hotel room? No thank you.
  5. Just paying for a gym membership doesn't make you fit
  6. Cheap tomato ketchup is just as satisfying.
  7. The M6 toll road does not save any time - you go faster, but the road's longer.
  8. Until you get a water meter you're subsidising the large family next door with the swimming pool, 9-hole golf course and rice paddy.
But buying budget disposable razors from the supermarket was less successful. They are blue and have two blades, just like the market-leading premium brand. Except the first blade fails to cut whisker at all and the second slices your face clean off.


Kenny said...

Totally agreed with the exception of:

6) s/satisfying/revolting/


4) I kind of like a decent hotel.

Stan said...

6 : think about it - the places where you get excellent bacon butties definitely do not use Heinz - they use great barrels of the no-label stuff. And it doesn't seem to matter.

4 : I enjoy nice hotels too - in one particularly good year (1999 if I recall right), I spent over£20,000 on hotels for my work. This year I'm unlikely to spend more than £6,000.

I'd rather have the money and use some of it to buy top-notch disposable razors.

AndyC said...

What do you mean just paying for a gym membership doesn't get you fit?

I joined a gym and immediately lost 18 pounds a month.

I call it the "Direct Debit Diet"