Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Safety Song

Seat belts, air bags and ABS are all useful safety gadgets, but if we're really serious about car safety then all cars should have Fairground Attraction's music installed as standard.
The M4 was jammed this morning and it was raining. There was a lot of traffic coming off at my junction, and nobody seemed to grasp the basic physics of using a roundabout. I sighed and put on some music.
CD1 failed,either because it's a scratchy charity shop CD or because my CD player is failing. Blood pressure up.
CD2 was Portishead's excellent but downbeat third album. Not now. 
CD3 was a best of Fairground Attraction and Eddi Reader compilation.
Suddenly I felt I was a spectator, watching amused as drivers repeatedly cut me up, randomly swapping lanes without indication, permission or apology. Usually I'd be trying to keep a lid on the introverted road rage in my head, but instead I was singing along to "Perfect" and "Claire" as I watched the ballet of stressed 4x4s in the rain in front of me.
Such joyful music makes you well-disposed to your fellow man - you wave people in front you, you keep your distance, you forgive bad drivers. Oh, if only everyone listened to this in the car.
Although you'd have to watch when "Ay Fond Kiss" comes on - there would be queues of traffic waiting to pull into lay-bys for a good weep.  

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