Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Day Nerves

It's my very first sitting as a Magistrate in the next few days.

I have two wishes regarding the cases I get first time:-

(a) Please not "Causing death by careless or inconsiderate driving arising from
momentary inattention with no aggravating factors".
Somebody died and everyone is hurting and the sentencing guidelines say a Community Penalty of some sort is appropriate. This traditionally pleases no-one.
(b) Please not a celebrity.
According to newspaper reports, police are considering bringing charges against a big name who may have done something foolish less than a mile from my house. Hopefully his first appearance won't be in front of this newbie who has enough on his mind without smiling for the paparazzi.
I'm not saying I never want to be involved with either of these situations sooner or later. I'd just rather it was later.

I'm an atheist, so prayer is out, but I will have fingers crossed and a goat may be sacrificed.


Fiona said...

Happy New Year and good luck with your first session.

Mrs Stan said...

It might be out for you, but not for us. Already on it!

Love Mrs Stan and Stanetta

P.S. please spare the goat.

Trevor said...

Best of luck to you Sir. Don't be too surprised if your experienced colleagues turn to ask your view first when you get to the retiring room.

Stan said...

Thanks very much Trevor. My mentor will be the other winger and I've already spoken to the chairman-du-jour. Both of these have already warned me that they'll be wating expectantly for my opinions on the cases.

Fortunately I'm rarely short of these.