Sunday, November 30, 2008

Go Your Own Way

"Cool", or whatever new-fangled word is replacing it these days, is over-rated.

The pursuit of "cool" is what forces the Jeremy Clarksons of this world into wearing tight jeans well into their dotage. It's why you hide your record collection from your friends. It's what stops you spelling Rap with a Capital "C".

However, there comes a point where your street-credibility has fallen away to such an extent that you reach an Event Horizon and you realise that you will never be taken seriously by anyone half your age ever again.

And that's when you relax and buy trousers with elasticated waists and sensible slip-on shoes in whatever darned colour pleases you.

It's also when you don't mind admitting you spent the morning listening to Fleetwood Mac.

Hard to describe Fleetwood Mac. They've were formed the year after I was born, have survived a succession of line-ups of extremely variable quality and have produced some rather excellent music. If you've watched TV at any point you will have heard their music although these days it tends to be in the background or in the adverts.

The incarnation I prefer is the line-up they had for the "Rumours" album - their tricky thirteenth album. For a group that are pigeon-holed as being purveyors of shallow elevator-music, they were having a hard time of it :-
  • Mick Fleetwood (Drums) - divorcing
  • LIndsey Buckingham & Stevie Nicks - relationship disintegrating
  • John & Christine McVie - marriage imploding
I think that tension definitely raised the temperature of the music on that album. I do recommend dusting it off and having another listen.

Especially "Dreams" which is Stevie Nicks at her soulful conflicted best. If you want to know how great a singer she was, compare with The Corrs' painfully twee version of the same song. Yeek!

But just for the record, thunder doesn't only happen when it's raining.


Kenny said...

With you all the way their sir. Not too long ago I had a bit a Fleetwood Mac buying spree.

Stevie Nicks rates on Kenny's patented list of top songstresses. Again, I try to keep it quiet for fear of reprisals but you have been man enough, so I will join you. Landslide (I have a live version somewhere) is a gem and, as per your comparison of Dream with the Corrs, listen to Stevie's version and then listen to the plethora of covers, none of which come even close.

Shall we both now admit that we thought leg-warmers were a pretty damned excellent idea?

Stan said...

Well according to the girls of my household, leg-warmers are well and truly back.

If you really want a contrast, try Stevie Nicks' version of "Edge of Seventeen" and Lindsay Lohan's.

drummerdave said...

I think my fave is her version of Tom Petty's 'Stop dragging my heart around' - check out the old vid at